Billy Ho

Billy Ho(he/him) is a Creative Technologist and Designer who works at the intersection of Art, Research, and Commercial Technology. His works aim to evoke Introspection and Empathy for both humans and machines.

Billy holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Shih Chien University and an MFA Design and technology from Parsons School of Design. Click here︎︎︎ to view Résumé.


is a creative technologist/designer who works with technology to evoke introspection and empathy.

He is currently pursuing an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in NYC.

Are you there computer? It’s us, humans

An interactive installation inviting audiences to chat with custom fine-tuned machine learning models through a retro corporate website. Inviting one to shift our species-centered perspective.

Spring 22 | [OpenAI gpt-3, python, node.js, 3D-Printing, GAN]

Brutalist poster generator

An algorithmic brutalist architecture generator built with p5.js and tweakpane.

Feb 22 | [p5.js, Tweakpane]

Quantum tetris

A tetris game run on a quantum computer, with true randomness and special shapes.

Oct 21 | [Processing, python, IBM Qiskit]

To all the in-game characters

An experienmental collaborative narrative with machine learning on recursive story-telling.

Fall 21 | [Unity, Openai gpt-3]

Taste, film makers and review sites

An interactive visualization comparing three different movie review platforms’ ratings (Metacritic / Letterboxd / IMDB) on selected film makers’ body of work.

Dec 21 | [d3.js]