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      Barbie, Twin Peaks and loving what you make.Oct 2023 (On-Going)...see Lady Bird as a semi-autobiographical love letter to the place Gerwig grew up in, as she put in fragments of her memories to the characters, as she sent out letters to Justin Timberlake and other musicians to express her appreciation and to ask for permission to put their early 2000s songs in the movie just like how she remembered... In the search of computational solaceMay 2022...The above contents were generated entirely by a custom gpt-3 language machine learning model, fine-tuned through the texts of my thesis paper, and sequentially edited manually. Given the process, the generated contents and I share the same sentiment... Making of: Taste, film makers and review sites Dec 2021Work with 3 sources (letterboxd, imdb, metacrit) of movie ratings to see different "tastes" in different genres of movies. Movies are inherently a subjective medium, but we still look for certain reviewers who/where... What I did for my first half of thesisDec 2021In 1968, 240,000 miles away from their home base, crew members from Apollo 8th held a meeting where humans and the blue marble had first met. In that same year, the picture "Earthrise" was published as... Making of: To all the in-game characters Nov 2021I have been working with GPT-3 for a semester so far, my interest for large natural language processing stems from my fascination for the existential implications for both humans and machines it has since brought on. The decision on working with this certain model is a result for my previous explorations on two... Making of : Texture of Dreams Oct 2021When I first saw this weeks prompt, along side with features like textual and qualitative data, immediately peaked my interest in introspective data translations. I first heard about Data Visualization was with Lupi and Posavec's Dear Data, and fell in love with their way of displaying personal...
Making of: Slit scan photography Sep 2021Inspired by this pattern of vent I found behind one of the NYU buildings' window, I really like the slick and sharp looking of it. Then I started thinking of layering them on top of each other. Before I started building physical, I pivoted my focus to light, since it's the source thats making the color difference... Making of: Millennium CruiserSep 2021I started wit the idea of machine generated images as inspirations for physical product designs. The idea is to generate images from a string of prompt of users' desire, feed set prompt into the AI Art Machine...
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