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Outfront Media

Senior Creative Technologist

2022.11 - 2023.07

Google, IBM, AMC, NYC MTA, Tennis Channel


I spent 9 months working in OUTFRONT’s XLab in New York City. Designing, developing and deploying interactive advertisements and products as creative technologist.With my background in product design and front-end development, I collaborated with both our design and engineering team, working in tools across Figma, React.JS and Unity AR kits to prototype concepts, deploy website components and digital display assets, in a fast paced ad agency environment.

Work lean and experimental

Our creative technology team consisted of 3-4 members, worked on a wide range of prototypes across full-stack technologies. Operating in the field of advertisment allowed us to work with a variety of exciting brands while at the same time requires an agile and efficient way of collaboration.
View from OUTFRONT Xlab’s Times Square office. 


Space Invader

CONTEXTIn July 2023, we partnered up with Google’s ARCore team and TAITO to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Space Invader. Creating an AR version of Space Invader game on both Android and IOS smartphones, available to play realtime in July as a continuous in-person event. DELIVERABLES
Our team at OUTFRONT created a series of out-of-home contents including Countdowns and Real-time Leaderboards, displayed across 1000+ displays in New York City.
LOCALIZED LEADERBOARDSThe real-time leaderboard also contains geo-tagged data, allow each boards to display the top ten records in each boroughs Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. EVENT WAYFINDING
During the day of the in-person event happening at Times Square, the leaderboards implemented dunamic arrows to direct audiences to Times Square. The arrows were assigned with data we logged on each displays’ facing direction as references.


Interactive media preview tool


OUTFRONT launched an updated new website in 2023. While the bulk of the work is done by Capgemini, our team was tasked to re-design and develope the “Media Preview Tool” as a core element for our users to upload and preview their contents in both static images and videos.


We delivered a React component hosted on OUTFRONT’s old domain, collaborating with the team at Capgemini, we implemented the component as an iframe.


Generative Weather Display


This is a series of experienmental data-visualizations I started as a side project utilizing OUTFRONT’s contract with realtime weather api vendor

DELIVERABLES Working with creative coding javascript libraries like p5.js and paper.js, the sketches serves as prototypes to test out playful ways to display weather information and OUTFRONT’s out-of-home displays’ computing capibilities for real-time canvas animations.  


ARCore Geospatial Prototype


As part of OUTFRONT’s long term collaboration with Google’s ARCore team, I was tasked to research the framework’s geospatial computational capibilities. 

DELIVERABLESI created iterations of ios apps build in UnityAR with ARCore’s api, using a combination of Google map’s volumetric data and geo-tagging to place custom digital models according to real-life spatial layouts.
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