Billy Ho

Billy Ho(he/him) is a Creative Technologist and Designer who works at the intersection of Art, Research, and Commercial Technology. His works aim to evoke Introspection and Empathy for both humans and machines.

Billy holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Shih Chien University and an MFA Design and technology from Parsons School of Design. Click here︎︎︎ to view Résumé.

What do they think, when they think about thinking.

2019 Fall

An installation that situates one computer’s camera to look at its own code visualization, feeds the captured visual data back into the system as inputs and generates the next iteration, creating a recursive feedback loop.

The project was set out to investigate the implication of current trajectory of Artificial Intelligence regarding the following 3 domains:

:/ The autonomy of Artificial Intelligence, the idea of a conscious machine.

:/ Shared characteristics within all forms of intelligence.

:/ Creativity as a tool in the field of scientific/technology developments.

[ p5js, ml5.js ]


Inspired by research found in the book The Promise of Artificial Intelligence, Reckoning and Judgment by Brian Cantwell Smith. Proposed the common attribute existed throughout the general forms of intelligence is the ability to recognise the metaphysical registration of other individual (as illustrated in the diagram).

The installation visualized ML5 machine learning’s properties as projections while feeding the pictures back in to the system as input, recreating the diagrams stems from the research.
The final prototype was set out to be a manifested visual representation on self-awareness itself, to prompt the idea of common characteristics shared between all intelligences. Without siding with specific side of argument, the idea is rather to solidify different sides of discourses with embodied physical settings, bringing the abstract notions closer with real life elements.

Tech / Execution

:/ The goal is to present an environment revolves around a self-looping intelligence system.

Centers around MobileNets: A convolutional neural networks application incorporated inside ML5 library operating on P5.js. The camera observes a simple visual abstraction on MobileNets operation then feeds its own interpretation back into the system as new iteration of visual outputs, and the process goes on repeatedly to form a closed loop.

Art direction

Coded visual

Aesthetically representing the fluid characteristics of mind and information being processed in high dimensional calculus algorithm.


A slow paced meditative documentations on a machine working by itself, juxtaposed with a human environment.