Billy Ho

Billy Ho(he/him) is a Creative Technologist and Designer who works at the intersection of Art, Research, and Commercial Technology. His works aim to evoke Introspection and Empathy for both humans and machines.

Billy holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Shih Chien University and an MFA Design and technology from Parsons School of Design. Click here︎︎︎ to view Résumé.


2018 Fall

The multi-screen era

When information is bountiful, attention is limited and precious. Unlike our evolutionary ancestors, who were probably rewarded for absorbing as much of their sensory surroundings as they possibly could. Modern humans seems to be restricted by this very notion.

Contextualizing the sense of "staying power", breeding into the form of a set of dividers, allowing users to set them selves apart from the constant information bombardment.

“We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.”

- Jean Baudrillard

Absence of thoughts

The endless videos of movies, tech reviews and memes, pictures of fancy foods and giant gigs. The ever-refreshing frames keeping us busy from the thoughts of ourselves.

Starting with light

Invisible path

Light travels through acrylic without showing its path, recealing itself amoung the sanded/rough areas along with the edges. Utalizing the feature as a unique way to creat specific patterns.

Mock-up testing

Through razor engraving and multiple sandblastings, experimenting with various patterns and light sources. Adding in the sense of “repetition”, steadily moving as a contrasting existing of booming images.