Billy Ho

Billy Ho(he/him) is a Creative Technologist and Designer who works at the intersection of Art, Research, and Commercial Technology. His works aim to evoke Introspection and Empathy for both humans and machines.

Billy holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Shih Chien University and an MFA Design and technology from Parsons School of Design. Click here︎︎︎ to view Résumé.


2018 Spring
A collaboration with Barry Tang
Callaway is a speculative design investigting the relation dynamics within modern family members and the experienment to incorporate technology as an alternative approach towards modern alienation.

Reflecting on the alienation of modern society

Today’s families rarely eats together as each members got their own time zones, yet we all craves the sense of accompany. As a result of rarely dining with each other, we often feel awkward and forced when the whole family can finally gather together.

On authentic presence 

Inspired by our personal experience, due to school studies, we have moved out of our homes, every now and then we return for a meal, we experience a odd clash with two sets of ideologies on family's accompany: One inside our heads (personal memories of family members), and one in the real world for lack of better words. Recontextualizing the elements of existence, we define the essence of accompany as a state of mind, and not with the actual members around us.

With Callaway, we argue that simply the manifestation of one individual’s idealized version of family’s accompany is more than enough to provoke an authentic emotional comfort. Even going as far as suggesting that it might actually be a better alternative to having a face to face awkward dining experience.


Provide clues for users to experience the accompany of family when dinning alone.
Reimagine the role of a dining table as a canvas for our memories.

A device, through sound and lightings, taking users down to their memory lane, reenact the lively conversations through the atmosphere, provokes a sense of nostalgia.

Immersive experience

When dinning alone, users place their hand on to the middle of the dinning table, enables the reflective tapes to start turning, through the lighting below creats a sence of memory streams on to the surface of the table, along with the dining sounds played through from the back of the device, reenacts an atmosphere of family accompany achieving the immersive experience.

Reflective material testing

:/ A time capsule, reenacting every detailed emotions.

The fine dining time is often overlooked by us. Everyone lives in their own time zone and trivial matters. The sum total of time is precious. When the family left, we recall the time on the table. The reality cannot be changed. Memories can be saved permanently through our designs.